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Doug Beabout, CPC

We rode a hurricane force period of economic swell for nearly ten years. Every search firm owner & recruiter should be positioning for the potential of this new global economy. To be certain, the negative economic factors that influence our clients have had a challenging effect on the personnel services business. Those that are cashing in now will benefit greatly from the techniques and processes I offer, and those who are not-- cannot afford to miss any more profits. This is the time for all recruiters to hone their marketing skills and get back to the fundamentals of the game. As a personnel industry trainer and speaker for the last fifteen years, I have established hundreds of successful personnel services firms in retained, contingency and blended practices. As the owner of a personnel services firm for twenty-seven years, I know what it’s like to have your future and net worth “on the line”.

The potential to profit in personnel services has become phenomenal. Many of us have fought hard to position ourselves for this time of wealth creation. Is your staff ready to maximize their billings? Our client decision-makers are changing. New generations with changing value systems have taken the reins and are now making the hiring decisions. Whether developing clients or recruiting the candidates in demand–– we must change the way we work. If you have the “right stuff”– these issues should be the least of your concerns. Our greatest concern should be finding top quality staff, not candidates.

Today’s technology can be a tremendous asset to our information rich business or cause for misery, even demise. My training incorporates the time-tested techniques and the practical advantages of today’s technology in a practical manner designed to bring profits.

Although the Internet is flooded with recent layoffs–– the challenge of recruiting is more daunting. If you want to be truly competitive and first at the client’s door with the candidate they hire, you must master proven recruiting practices. I offer time-tested, motivational, value-added seminars in placement, expanded services and wealth creation. They will give your association members the skills and motivations they need to cash-in on this great economy. I will show you how you can dramatically increase your profits through improved staff skills, motivations, and new techniques.

We are retained to facilitate many association workshops, seminars and training sessions this year. I would love to be of service to your firm or association. Give me a call so we can discuss your current goals and how I can help you exceed them.