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The Complete Recruiting Process Training System - New for 2010!

The Complete Recruiting Process Training System

Session One: Selling Search
Picking the best niche and recruiting specialization
Establishing a client relationship and trust bone
Selling your surgical recruiting process to gain full fees and control!
Discovering the search details, client cooperation and HR control

Session Two: Detailing and Qualifying Searches
What we do, What they do
Getting search information-the process-the techniques
Discovering the problem and its cost
Defining the catalyst for client action

Session Three: Sourcing & Finding candidates with a vision
The route to sources
Internal and external sources
Name Gathering
Managing gatekeepers
The best approach
Setting up the qualifying call

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The most comprehensive and detailed recruiter training ever made available to recruiters

Doug Beabout CPC, CSP

Six jam packed audio CDs
Studio edited and produced

The best training resource
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share of the wealth captured
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Six hours of
world class
recruiter training

Session Four: Profling and evaluating candidates
The qualifying approach
The first dimension
Determining place-ability
The second dimenssion
The third dimension
The decision to present

Session Five: Establishing an Interview
Creating a winning presentation
If the client rejects or agrees
Preparing the client
Preparing the candidate

Session Six: Closing Placements
Managing mindsets in the process
The agent for offer
The rules of Closing
Our greates threat


I have been trained by Doug, "he is the best" CT/NAPS

"He's down to earth, delivers excellent content, and keeps the pace moving" MK/Top Echelon

"Very few recruiters or trainers today have the full well rounded experience and training that Doug provides"


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